Poker house NFT

What is Poker house NFT?

Poker house NFT is a unique NFT collection that offers a metaverse poker platform

Where It All Began..

Have you ever calculated how many hands there are in Poker?!
Save your energy, there are 7,462 distinctive combinations of poker hands ranging from high card 7 to straight flush. These are exactly our collections available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain.
We offer weekly free-of-charge raffle tournaments that will be based on your own NFT.
Making use of your unique hand, without even attending the game, you could grab first place in a poker raffle tournament and win instant prizes.
Further details pertaining to the raffle tournaments may be found in the link below:
We are also offering a metaverse P2E poker platform, where players can compete in multi-table tournaments and cash games using our $PHNC Token - The only token available on the platform.
Click on the link below for more information regarding the Metaverse and $PHNC token

Holders Benefits

  • Participating in our weekly free-of-charge raffle tournaments, on our web 2.0 platform, will be based on your own NFT.
  • Once the $PHNC token will be issued, each and every Poker house NFT holder will receive a significant amount of $PHNC tokens (As we would not want to impact its value, we will spread it within 4 weeks). To deep dive and learn more about it, simply click here --> $PHNC Token.
  • Sit & Go freerolls tournaments will be out there solely for Poker house NFT holders, on our metaverse P2E poker platform(web 3.0). Tournaments will take place every day, all day! Goes without saying, prize pools will be distributed only in $PHNC.
  • To support the long-term sustainability of our community, 20% of rake gained from cash tables and tournaments will be transferred into a community wallet. NFT holders will be able to vote on what to do with the $PHNC capital that this wallet will hold. Yes, this is the first step of a PHN DAO.

Our Vision

We are not here to “build a poker community”, the poker community was established way before us and will remain forever – our goal is to take it to web 3.0.
Our vision is to first create the best poker experience we can for our users. Playing, watching, competing and learning at the same time, together. We have invested our hearts into the project out of love for the game and the community and we want to take it as far as possible.
The next step for us will be to create an eco-system for the $PHNC token to thrive, breaching out to the physical world through merch & live tournaments whilst expanding our brand throughout the metaverse. We are ALL IN.
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